Why You Should Use Lice Ice to Get Rid of Head Lice

Lice Ice is a doctor recommended, powerful, effective and safe head lice treatment that is proven to both treat and help prevent head lice. When used as directed, our non-toxic lice treatment will smother the lice, help release nits and help protect against re-infestation.

  • It’s Powerful – Lice Ice smothers the lice and releases the eggs! Our special non-toxic ingredients repel the lice as soon as the gel is applied. The gel hardens and smothers all the remaining adult lice and their nits (eggs) that remain on the hair and scalp. The lice are gone in one application if the directions on the tube are followed correctly
  • It’s Effective, with little to no combing! – While the gel hardens it smothers all the adult lice. Finally, Lice Ice encases the lice nits (eggs) and helps release the natural glue substance from the hair. Any remaining residue and nits can be combed out easily with a lice comb when the hair is dry.
  • It’s Easy to Use – Massage Lice Ice into dry hair and leave on for at least 15 hours. If used properly, Lice Ice will smother and kill all adult lice and nits should be loosened from the hair shaft.
  • It’s Safe – Natural ingredients that won’t dry out your hair! Lice Ice was formulated in response to the need for a non-toxic, easy-to-use head lice treatment that can be used as often as re-infestation occurs.Lice Ice is a unique concept in stopping head lice. To a gentle hair-gel base we add a special plant-derived formula containing natural, non-toxic ingredients that people have been using for centuries to repel bugs.

    All ingredients used in Lice Ice can be safely ingested and are non-toxic and natural. However, as with any lice treatment, certain precautions should be taken.


    Purified water; SD Alcohol; PVP/VA copolymer; polyquaternium II; tragacanth gum; dimethicone copolyol; carbomer 940; triethanolamine; Empire Organics special blend of neem, tea tree, lemon, lavender, thyme, and rosemary essential oils; F D & C Blue No. 1; fragrance; benzophenone 4.

  • Children with plant allergies or asthma should test for allergy before full treatment.
  • We recommend, for precaution sake, that pregnant women consult with their physician before using any head lice treatment.
  • We recommend for precaution sake, to consult with your physician fregarding children under 2.  Lice Ice can be used once the child can be instructed not to mess with treated hair.
  • It’s Economical – Lice Ice is so powerful and effective that it kills head lice and helps remove their nits in one application when directions are followed properly. That’s just $4.99 per application! One 8 oz. bottle provides 3-4 applications. A normal application is 2 oz. Longer or thicker hair may require more Lice Ice.
  • It Prevents Re-infestation – Yes, Lice Ice can even help to prevent head lice! To prevent and repel re-infestation, dilute Lice Ice gel 1:4 (1/2 cup Lice Ice to 2 cups water) and apply to hair and scalp as a spray. Lice Ice can also be used straight out of the tube in place of styling gel. Re-infestation is possible if you have not cleaned your living environment, including your car, or if your children come into contact with others who have head lice.

Lice Ice works as a mechanical application and works best on fresh infestation not previously treated with chemical treatments. If you have already treated with pesticides, manual removal may be necessary to remove the dead lice or nits from hair. Once that is done, properly treat with Lice Ice and say goodbye to lice!

If you have tried other head lice treatments and have not been satisfied with the results, give Lice Ice head lice treatment a try! It stops head lice cold and helps to prevent re-infestation of head lice. Lice Ice Works! Order Today!

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