Why Lice Ice Is Better than Home Remedies for Preventing and Treating Head Lice

Home based remedies might be effective in suffocating adult lice, but they will do nothing to help remove the nits. Home-based remedies usually contain a food product, like olive oil or mayonnaise. Those food products also have a “grease” factor that may be difficult to wash out. Lice Ice is based in a hair styling product and washes out easily with regular shampoo. Lice Ice also helps to remove the nits. If you have had a “refrigerator failure” with home remedies, give Lice Ice a try!

Lice Ice can help you stop lice now. Interested in ordering?

Lice IceHome Remedies
Prevents re-infestationYesNo
Low CostYesYes
Problem usually solved in one applicationYesNo
Doctor RecommendedYesNo